Recruiting Symposium


This video training symposium by Randy Gage & Jaime Lokier is designed for top field leaders and C-suite executives looking to establish a robust recruiting culture within their teams. Packed with advanced content, it covers essential elements like building infrastructure, utilizing marketing tools, and developing training modules to maximize recruiting activity. Participants will gain insights into key aspects such as recruiting duplication, candidate pathways, necessary tools, impactful opportunity presentations, and effective training curriculum design to create a dynamic recruiting environment.

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How to Create Team-Wide Recruiting Culture Video Training Symposium

By Randy Gage & Jaime Lokier

If you’re ready to create a pervasive, air-tight culture of active recruiting in your team or company, this is the training for you! This special all-day Leadership Symposium was recorded live.

You will discover all the necessary elements for creating the infrastructure, culture, marketing tools, and training modules required to create maximum recruiting activity in your team.

This program is advanced content, exclusively for top field leaders and C-suite corporate executives and their marketing departments. It should not be presented to beginning or middle level distributors.

Here’s the information-dense modules you’ll receive:

  • The 7 Key Elements for Recruiting Duplication
  • How to Build Out an Effective “Candidate Pathway”
  • The 9 Specific Tools You Must Have to be Effective
  • 7 Secrets to Creating Throat-Grabbing Opportunity Presentations
  • Creating “Lights Out” Recruiting Culture
  • Designing the Most Effective Training Curriculum on Recruiting Skillsets
  • Recommended Resources
  • Your Action Plan