Financial Literacy for Network Marketing Leaders


This course offers a comprehensive dive into holistic wealth building and prosperity, covering everything from foundational principles and common financial pitfalls in network marketing to creating a success-oriented mindset and strategic financial planning. It blends practical financial strategies with personal growth insights to guide individuals towards achieving true abundance and financial freedom.



10 Module Video Training

Course Curriculum

Module One: What is True, Abundant Prosperity?

True prosperity encompasses six elements, or which money is only one. This module you’ll find out what holistic abundance looks like and what expect from the training. Also, Buffet’s two rules, the enigma of the bankrupt MLM millionaires, and how to harness “Divine Discontent.”

Module Two: Wealth Building Principles

You must begin by know your numbers – cash flow vs. net worth – and how much you need on both for financial stability, freedom, and abundance.  There are principles (pay yourself first, spend less than you earn, good debt vs. bad debt, etc.) that you must follow to become wealthy.

Module Three: The Worst Money Mistakes of Network Marketing Leaders

This module is the “Greatest Hits” of the broke millionaires.  The stupid money purchases, foolish attempts to fake growth, and the #1 mistake people without financial literacy make. Also, the smart way to qualify at rank.

Module Four: The 4 Quadrants of Wealth Building

Think of money as one of four main resources for building wealth. Learn about the other three which will bring even more money.

Module Five: Creating a Vision for Your Success

You don’t get the success you deserve – you get the success you believe you deserve!  To manifest prosperity, you must redefine yourself from a recipient to a co-creator.  In this module you’ll discover the role of poverty consciousness and self-sabotage can play, as we reveal the memes and negative programming around money and success.  Also, worthiness issues, the three types of personal visions, and the components of a vision cycle.

Module Six: How to Deploy Your Bonus Check for Growth

Here you will learn how much you need to invest in your business when you are starting and how to change this as your bonus check grows. Including monthly breakdowns of what this looks like.  Also: how the money of your business is not yours.

Module Seven: The 11 Prosperity Laws for Network Marketing 

As you are exposed to some of these, you’ll nod knowingly and wonder how you never understood them before.  A few will probably have you grinding your molars uncomfortably.  And one or two might just transform your life forever.  Really.

Module Eight: The Hierarchy of Selling the Dream

Forget the hype and rah-rah.  Forget making stupid purchases and posturing, hoping that it will impress prospects and team members.  This module will teach you the precise seven areas to spend your money in to inspire your team, attract quality candidates to join, and most importantly, live a prosperous life.

Module Nine: Financial Freedom Strategies

You will need asbestos gloves for your fingers when you push ‘play’ on this one.  You’ll internalize Randy’s philosophy on money and prosperity, and the single most important question to ask yourself. The segment on learning how to act once you become wealthy is a thermonuclear truth bomb.  Also, the four steps to leveraging your leverage and the tools you can use to become richer faster. Not to mention: the number one wealth-building strategy ever developed!

Module Ten: Your Action Plan

You don’t need 27 pages of copious notes when you finish this training.  All you need is an Action Plan.  And that’s exactly what you will receive in this final module.

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