The 3 Options You Should Be Offering in Every Presentation

December 8, 2022
3 Options

By Randy Gage

There are some people who will never be candidates for your business.  The benefits of the business simply don’t appeal to them and the lifestyle they seek.  And among the people who are candidates for your business, there are two distinct categories: Those that are looking for a part-time side-gig to earn extra cash and those seeking to embark on a new career.  

In every presentation you do, when you get to the call for action, make sure you’re offering three options:

  1. Becoming a preferred customer
  2. Creating a side residual income 
  3. Building a large business and making a career 

Of course, there is always a fourth option, them choosing nothing.  But you shouldn’t be offering that.  Make them find their own way there.

- RG

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