Making More Invitations

December 8, 2022

By Randy Gage

A leader I’m working with is doing a 90-day challenge with his team.  They commit to invite at least one person a day to view a presentation.  Campaigns like this can create a lot of practice because they override the procrastination and rejection dynamics.  

It’s easy to get fixated on rejection. And such a waste of time.  Let me remind you of something you already know…

Most people aren’t thinking about you and your business.  Not even a fleeting thought.  Even the people who know you and love you.  They are thinking about the issues they’re facing in their own life.   The bills they need to pay.  What’s coming out this week on Netflix. Their dentist appointment.  

And when you call them and ask the to watch a video, come to a meeting, or view a livestream they consider what you ask.  Say yes or no.   And then 60 seconds later are thinking about themselves again.  

So why don’t you just get on with it, and make your invitation?

- RG

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