How to Convert Your Regular Bonus Checks into a Wealth Building Machine…

Financial Literacy for

Network Marketing Leaders

Financial Literacy

From Jaime Lokier & Randy Gage

Course Curriculum

The Dirty Secret About Many Network Marketing Leaders

It’s one of the most closely-guarded secrets in network marketing – and one of the saddest. Many of the profession’s top income earners – people who are earning anywhere from $25,000 to even more than $100,000 a month – are only a few bonus checks from being broke.  You probably find this shocking, but it’s true. 

The primary reason is that these leaders haven’t developed financial literacy… 

These leaders know how to earn lots of money but have no idea how to manage it, grow it, or especially, keep it.  Many have been employees their whole lives and joining our business is the first time they’ve been entrepreneurs.  They know nothing about cash flow or tax planning. Quite a few of them overspend, living in homes bigger than they need and lavishing a fortune on silly bling-bling, to impress others.  If they lose their bonus check for any reason, most of these people will be bankrupt within three months.  Really.

Randy’s been on a crusade for years, preaching the principles of prosperity and financial literacy.  Now he’s teamed up with Jaime and they’ve created the most powerful training curriculum ever presented in our profession on how you develop financial literacy to grow your wealth. 

You’ll learn the foolish mistakes so many high-level income earners make which prevents them from achieving no financial security.  You’ll also discover the savvy, methodical process that really grow your bonus checks – and then how to deploy those bonus checks to increase your net worth – using one portion to live a prosperous lifestyle, a second portion to grow your business, and a third portion putting your money to work making you more money.  You’ll learn leverage2how to leverage your leverage.

This is a no-nonsense, information-dense, truth-bomb program. Really. In it, you will discover:

Is This Training Right For You?

This is advanced training on the wealth building implications that arise once you begin to earn a substantial income.  If you’re earning less than 50,000 dollars or euros annually, you’re not quite ready for this curriculum. If you’re taking in at least 50K, this training will provide the breakthrough you need.  This training should essentially be mandatory for all leaders earning 100K a year and higher.

What’s the Investment?

It’s not cheap, but we’ll make no apologies for that.  A big part of our mission at Duplication Nation is producing high quality, long form content you can’t find anywhere else. And this training is the result of our decades of experience earning millions of dollars, and more importantly, being able to break it down into actionable strategies you can put into place immediately.  You can purchase the training for only $977. You will have immediate password access and can come back and review any lesson 24/7.  If this program doesn’t pay for itself 50 or 100 times over, either you didn’t pay attention or you didn’t follow through.  It’s for that reason this program is non-refundable. We didn’t make it for people who want to watch, learn the secrets and chisel out of the money, and we don’t want beginners who are not ready for it to register.  So, if this training program sounds right for you, don’t waste another moment.  Click the button now and dive into your first module!

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